Day 6: Exploring Sillustani in Puno


Puno City View. Such a Delicate Adobe Miniature Puno City is
(note: the visit took place on August 13th 2015
I’m lucky to have my fellow travelers to travel with me. We split tasks on whom to do what (hotel, travel bookings, etc). My friend Christine got Puno’s itinerary and she got to manage what to do the day we were in Puno. She picked Inca Lake Tour Agency to arrange our adventure, and picked ½ day Sillustani tour, continued by ½ day Uros Island Tour.
Around 8:30 am we were picked by our private guide named Samuel. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and polite. From our hotel Camino Real Turistico, we went to Sillustani burial ground. It is located around 32 km north west of Puno Central and it took about 40 minutes drive to reach the site. The road to Sillustani was basically ascending and we took our chance to stop at one spot where the  Puno City looks like miniature from a fairy tales.


The sheperd waved at us as we stopped by to take some pictures

All the way to Sillustani were a vast yellow plain with some llamas and alpacas happily feast. It was unfortunate though that it was cloudy the whole morning.

The Sillustani burial complex had actually been improved by years, said Samuel. Vehicle were once allowed to enter the burial ground and able to explore the Chullpa (The tombs). But then, they managed to spare some areas dedicated to parking lots, and entranceway to the actual site where lots of Chullpa were placed. That way, it can only be accessed by walk, and help preserve the ground. Around the complex were few local’s house, Umayo Lagoon, and some ruins.

In the complex, we saw so many tombs (Chullpa) which said only dedicated to the inca’s elite. The tomb is cylindrical and made from the brick, and the mummified dead-body is preserved inside the Chullpa. One chullpa could reach 12 m high. They also put worldly belonging inside the Chullpa. That is way many of them were broken by grave diggers. All the mummies were put in fetal position had been removed from the Chullpa.


The view beside the entrance way towards Sillustani


Bienvenidos a Sillustani!


This is Chullpa (Tombs). This is the tallest Chullpa and the highest Chullpa in the burial ground.


View around the Sillustani
Going back from Sillustani, we stopped by the local village. All of us were fascinated by the humble traditional local house and had been wanting to stop by. The family whose house we entered was very kind and friendly. They were making traditional Peruvian food. What took my attention is they use soil as a sauce (Yes! Soil !!). But it wasn’t just a soil. The soil is special and not available everywhere, but good grace, it was so simple and so tasty. Although it was such a short visit, we got a chance to talk and had fun with the family and its 4 children. It was such an amazing experience for a half day Tour. I couldn’t wait for the next epic exploration I had been waiting for : The Uros Floating Island in Lake Titicaca !!


Traditional Peruvian house made from rock and brick.


Samuel introduced us but i forgot his name 🙁 he demonstrated his handy works


The mother with her four children. The small one named Milagros. The big girl was actually very shy 🙂


Various potatoes and quinoa


The first bowl at the top is the potato, the thick sauce was the soil sauce. The soil used to make the sauce is on the right plate. The boiled potato is sliced and then dipped into the sauce. It was so delicious.


Me and the four kids. They are very friendly and kind.
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