Prague day 2: Petrin Hill, City of Prague Museum, Basilica of St James, and More Fireworks!

Last night after New Year celebration, we went home very late and beaten up. We walked back from Prague Old Town Square to our Airbnb Accommodation with the sound of fireworks still ringing on our ear. Even on our walk home, people still lighted firecracker as if not wanting the celebration to be over. It was good 30 minutes walk back.

On the second day in Prague, which is the New Year Day of 1 January 2019, we had already plan to visit several places. My plan was to visit Petrin Hill, City of Prague Museum, Basilica of St James, Municipal House, and Christmas Market. However, we missed Basilica of St James and Municipal James. Some places were closed during New Year, so that was our loss. It was another amazing day 2 nevertheless, with us visiting Charles Bridge as a replacement for the places we missed. So, these are places we visited on our day 2 in Prague.

1. Petrin Hill

The only reason I visited Petrin Hill was to get a better view of Prague City from higher ground. It is located 327 meter above sea level. There was this Petrin Lookout Tower where we could get a 360 degree view of Prague. On this vast complex there were several attractions, they are Petrin Hill Lookout Tower, Funicular, Hunger Wall, Mirror Maze, Rose Garden, Observatory, Stadium, and St Lawrence Cathedral.

Petrin Lookout Tower was built as a small copy of Paris’s Eiffel Tower. There are 299 step to its peak. The entrance fee is 150 CZK and it’s open from 10 am to 6 pm (November to February), to 8 pm (October and March), and to 10 pm (April to September).

Prague Castle and Cathedral of St Vitus from Petrin Observation Tower

2. Charles Bridge

This historical bridge crosses Vltava River. It was built from 1357 under the reign of King Charles IV and it was finished around 15 century. It’s 516 meters long and 10 meters wide. Charles bridge is decorated with 30 baroque-styled statues, originally erected in 1700 but now all replaces with replicas (source: Wikipedia).

At that point, we should pass Charles Bridge and went to City of Prague Museum. However, we didn’t just “pass”. When we were there, the gloomy morning started fading away and the sun shining down the bridge through the small opening of the clouds that had been hovering for all morning. Slowly but sure, the whole bridge section was bright and lively. We couldn’t just ‘pass’ it, we basked on it, we admire all the sculpture and the newly found sight caused by the sun rays.

I’d say it was one of those golden moments we had in Prague. “Golden” Charles Bridge was something else. All the buildings were turned to gold and it was just amazing sight to behold. We also got to see the building in hrad such as Church of our lady before Tyn from the bridge. My only regret was not able to visit the bridge during the night. I bet it’s spectacular.

Tips: Make sure to explore all the sight from the start to the end of the bridge on both side. Both side and ends offer different sights and view. Both are remarkable and unique.

3. City of Prague Museum

Museum of Prague entrance fee is 120 CZK, and it opens daily (except Monday) from 10 am to 6 pm. Ticket can be purchased 30 minutes before closing time. This museum has very good information on the historical information of buildings in Prague. There is also documents about social and cultural developments from pre historic time to present day. It has collections of porcelain, arts, furniture, and wood carving, as well as painting and carving from 19 and 20th century who captured transformations of Prague.

4. Wenceslas Square

You may wonder why we visited Wenceslas Square again. Well, it’s because our apartment located right next to it. And also, our host said that there would be another firework show that night. So, we went out and about and saw some fireworks show.

Aside from some missing attractions, it was perfect day two on Prague. See you on Day 3! You can check my adventure on day 1 Prague here.

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