Why Iceland?

​I mean… why not? Picture of Iceland got me iced on my seat when I first saw Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and others really help spread the VERY GOOD news about wonderful places. I was just back home from a trip and remembered screaming out loud saying:” This is going to be my next travel destination !”. There was no doubt about it. And to Iceland i went, in the winter…. to experience Winter Wonderland.

In no particular order…… these are why you must visit Iceland 😉

#1: The magnificent waterfalls you can’t resist

Iceland is blessed with epic waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss, Gulfoss, and Skogafoss are just a few fantastic waterfalls in Iceland. It is the energy that’s transferred to anyone who watching it, it is the high lands, the high gaps where the water stream hit the grounds, the cave that allows you to watch the waterfall from the inner side in Seljalandfoss is a taser of a dreamt heaven. The curvy terrace of Gulfoss that allows the water beautifully stepping down to it transfixed me (well, together with the icy weather). Or the water-gate to Heaven namely Skogafoss, that dwarfed and mesmerized me all at once.  Iceland is the kingdom of waterfall, and the experience of standing in front of such an epic open-water falls is just something we need to experience in life.


in front of Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. I didn’t go behind because the soil was icy


This is what Seljalandsfoss Looks like from behind (source: imgur.com/gallery/Td8s7)


This is Gullfoss Waterfall looks during the winter. In summer, you can see all the grass turns to green and if lucky, you can see rainbow circling on top of it


Skogafoss – It looks like Seljalandsfoss, but the curve where the water falls more dramatic in Skogafoss. Also, the water stream is wider and bigger in here
#2 The Aurora Borealis (a.k.a Northern Lights) that make your jaw drop

To those who live in equator, we should be grateful to be born in a place where we can see star spotting the sky whenever the sky is clear. But the dancing lights in the sky? It was extraordinary and not an everyday-view. The dancing light, or the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis is an astronomical phenomenal produced by charged particles released from sun’s atmosphere that collide with gaseous particle in planet earth’s atmosphere. Northern lights are more beautiful in the winter than in any other time of the year because of the long nights and the dry air. And Iceland was one of the best place to watch the northern lights. The other places are Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Alaska, or Northern part of Canada.


This is northern lights at its best (source: www.guidetoiceland.is)


did you see that? that tiny green lights? i know it wasn’t as i expected, but i was happy to see it anyway. This picture was taken by my friend Adrian. It was so freezing i couldn’t touch my camera at all
#3 The epic and dramatic landscape you never knew they exist

Iceland is probably one of many places with dramatic cuts on its highlands. All the curve and the edges in the John Legend – “All of me” song was suitable to describe Iceland’s landscape (well not that quite actually, bad analogy late alert). We could drive on the main road and feel so tiny by the flanked cliff and the next turn we could see the bottom of the valley, being on top of them all. In the middle of the road, you’ll be surprised by the rainbow, and by the end of the road, you may encounter a giant mountain. To summarize, just go drive yourself in Iceland, and let the landscape roller coaster amazing-ness drive you sensory-overload. We should have it in this life, because of course!
#4 The ICE CAVE !!

Although experiencing ice cave only available AND MORE SAFE during winter, it should not be a reason for you to not to go to Iceland on summer (see other reason why you should go 😉 ). I followed a local Ice Cave guide that was ssssoooo experienced in guiding to the ice cave. We had NO idea that the journey towards the Ice Cave was so challenging yet exciting at the same time. We passed gravel soil, full-of-big rock soil, full-of-small rocks soil, we passes such a challenging terrain that I thought was impossible to be passed. We also passed a river that full of rocks, went up, went down of what supposed to be a foot of the mountain it was such a miracle we could finally arrive at the mouth of the cave.Inside the cave, there’s a river, and we must passed the river (ICY RIVERR guys). And therefore the guide carried us one by one to pass the river. But when we were there, It was such a relief and I felt like I didn’t want to leave that place (if it wasn’t because of the icy cold, I would’ve stayed longer).
You can go to any cave, but nothing can match the majestic of an ice cave. Formed by ice. It’s clear. It’s crystal. It’s Ice Cave !

(note: all the picture inside the cave were taken by Adrian)


The road that we had to pass


Mouth of the cave


Inside the ice cave


Our tour guide performed some light show for photography purpose


Inside the cave where the lights came in
#5 Glacier LagOOn !!

I wasn’t and probably would never be prepared for the beauty of glacier lagoon. It was a drizzling afternoon, and a bit gloomy, but when I stepped out from the car, right next to the lagoon, and see a group of ice rocks stand tall floating on the lagoon, I was totally speechless.
If you’re hungry for an adventure and looking for the next destination, consider Iceland on one of your list, it’s surreal, beautiful, and majestic!
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