Goreme Open Air Museum (or in another word: Flintstone’s Home)

It was a great decision to put Cappadoccia on the last, because it’s putting the rhythm of the travel back on ascending mood and it such a great way to end the 12 travelling days in Turkey. In general, we spent two days in Nevsehir. The very first day was dedicated to explore the Goreme Open Air Museum, and the second day was to ballooning above Cappadoccia and North Cappadoccia Tour.

Cappadoccia is SURREAL. It is the only place in the world that has such a beautiful landscape. Every step of the way be it in the city, or during the tour i was completely mesmerized and blown away. If i have to rank all the place in Turkey, i would put Cappadoccia on top of them all. It was like being on a cartoon movie in a imagination place, except that it was real.

The volcanic peaks, the chimney, and how the dwelling of roman and byzantine carved inside of the rock is such a beautiful thing to watch. And all of them kept reminding me of the Flintstone (how could i not?). So all the pictures below were taken inside of Goreme open air Museum in Cappadoccia and in Nevsehir City where we spent the night (Goreme Open Air Museum is about 40 minutes away from Nevsehir) and we booked Yama Tour to help arrange this.

Nevsehir Town View


not every city has a cone rock that grows on the background


But this building won the First Price ! The Flinstone !

Goreme Open Air Museum

Inside the rocks are tombs and Church along time ago. The famous Church was St. Barbara Church and Apple Church. Most of them are belong to 10-12th Centuries.
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