Kayakoy – Ghost Town

That day, we initially plan to do some microlight in Oludeniz and mud baths, but somehow the jeep safari worn us out and we just wanted to stayed exploring, but in a laid back kind of way. So my friend Amelia did some research of nearby attraction worth exploring and Kayakoy came to her mind. Kayakoy is about 30 minutes drive from Fethiye, and there are regular public transport to Kayakoy, and there we were. Following are some pictures of Kayakoy.

A bit history about the Kayakoy, the city was built in 1700ish and renewed in 1850 after earthquakes and fires. in 20th century the league of nations arranged an exchange between Turkey and Greek whereas the Greek Muslim would move to Turkey and Ottoman Greek Christian move to Greek. In 1923, the Ottoman Greek Christian eventually moved to Greek, but Greek Muslim did not want to move to Turkey since Greek Government did not want to pay indemnity for their houses, belongings in Greek, So the houses that were reserved for Greek Muslim remained empty till nowadays.
Asana Kusnadi
I'm Asana Kusnadi from Semarang Indonesia. Some of my friends call me Mei, it is taken from my Chinese Name. I was born in Semarang, capital city of Central Java and lived there until I graduated from University. After graduated i worked in Sumatera island and it's been almost 9 years now i live in Riau Province

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